Reclamation of a City | 36 x 36 | Abstract Original Artwork


Titled: "Reclamation of a City"

  • Medium: Acrylic,  brushes, and airbrushes on Canvas
  • Size: “36 x 36" x 1.5"

"Reclamation of a City" builds upon the narrative established in "City Edge," revealing the next stage of nature's relentless reclamation of the concrete jungle. As the battle intensifies, vibrant hues intertwine with organic forms, symbolizing the growing strength of nature's resurgence. The painting sparks reflection on the evolving relationship between urban environments and the natural world, reminding viewers of the inherent power of nature and the struggle for harmonious coexistence.

Each original painting is signed and dated on the back of the canvas. I also sign the front of my canvases.

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